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Good morning Greg. I just wanted to express my appreciation on the great job you and your crew did. It was nice to work with a company that takes pride in the work they do. If you have any questions or may need help with anything, please call. Once again, thank you from the entire Garden City shop.

Troy Vaughn
City of Garden City
Construction Manager
207 E. 38th St
Garden City, Idaho 83714
Ph: 208-375-3194
Cell: 208-919-5726
Fax: 208-343-4026
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June 13, 2000
Ed Genther Masonry

Dear Ed,
I’ve built a lot of restaurants over the past 30 years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with many good contractors and sub-contractors. When construction is booming, flakey subs pop up as well as good people who charge full price without the responsibility of quality work. Recently it has become even more difficult to find good people who not only do quality work, but also do what they say they are going to do. You and your people are from the school of “promise a lot and deliver more”. The patio at the Nampa NOODLES started as an after-thought, then needed a fence, which then evolved into an extensive rock wall planter. Not only did you do a beautiful job, you have added an element of quality which makes me want to make the entire patio a showplace and our best advertisement. Your company went beyond craftsmanship. The pride that your people take in their work screams out. It is a pleasure to see contractors who still nurture their craft and leave an indelible signature of quality on the job. When the river rock planter was finished, it looked as if it had been washed and waxed and even the areas around it were spotless. Thanks very much for doing the best job of the whole NOODLES expansion project.

Best Regards,
Pug Ostling
Head Noodle


February 18, 2009
Genther Masonry, Inc.
3100 N. Lakeharbor Lane, Suite 110
Boise, ID 83703

Re: St . Mary’s Catholic Church Remodel and Addition
Attn: Edwin Genther

Dear Ed,
On behalf of CM Company I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your crews for an excellent job at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Not only is CM Company pleased but Father Faucher and the Parish continue to remark about the great masonry job that was done on their project.

We appreciate all the cooperation we got from you and your crews on the job as well as the top-notch quality work that you performed.

Thank you once again for a job well done and we certainly look forward to working with you in the future.

Ray Hoobing
Vice President

Genther Masonry Inc. | Boise ID

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